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Major activities and achievements of SEWA

Educational awareness Campaign and its follow up is by far the major activity of SEWA. SEWA is creating awareness about importance of education. Besides, since last four years, Sewa is conducting a range of programmes for the guidance and motivation of students.

Every Sunday, SEWA volunteers go door to door in various localities. SEWA volunteers interact with students and their parents and assess their needs and potential.

Use of Social Media

SEWA members are having four WhatsApp groups.

  • SEWA group consists of SEWA members where major activities of SEWA are posted.
  • Boys Students Group where all necessary information is shared.
  • Girls students WhatsApp group
  • Sewa mission UPSC group where all the students preparing for UPSC are added and guided accordingly.

    WhatsApp group of all Tahsil Team

    WhatsApp group of other district team.


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Operational Strategy of SEWA : SEWA Pattern


Every Sunday, from zohar to magrib-2 to 6 p.m., a group of SEWA volunteers, consisting of 5 to 8 members, go door to door in various localities.


Depending upon size and number of households, it takes 3 to 6 weeks to cover one single colony.


Educational awareness of students and parents is assessed by having detailed dialogue with them.


Facilities and help offered by SEWA is intimated


Textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, mark sheets of students are accessed and sincerity and otherwise of student is assessed.


Study hours from his/her 24 hour schedule of every day are enquired and devotion of studies is emphasised.


Follow up of these students is taken up from next day of Sunday campaign.


All possible help of guidance for current study, higher studies is offered .Books, notebooks, stationery etc is made available, wherever required. Dictionaries are distributed liberally.


Students are encouraged to visit SEWA library for study in peaceful campus of library.


Students are assured for all possible help to fulfil their educational dream.


Parents are also requested to pay attention on the education and daily routine of their wards


Contact numbers of SEWA are supplied to the students and parents for seeking help and clarifying their queries.

Number of Colonies, Household & Students Covered

During last five years of SEWA, it has covered 45 colonies in Yavatmal city, visited 1834 households and interacted with 4785 students, both girls and boys.

In this way since 2015 we have visited 45 colonies, 1834 households, 4785 students at Yavatmal among them more than 1000 students are provided financial backup.

Among them more than 200 students are preparing for competitive exams.

Among them 50 students are sent to Pune for UPSC.

Sr No. Area Name No.of Household Visited No. of Students Visited Months of Visit
1 Baba Nagar 56 152 June-2015
2 Tayade Nagar 110 278 June-2015
3 Taj Bag Nagar 45 98 July-2015
4 Aman Nagar 35 110 July-2015
5 Mohsin Nagar 15 45 Aug-2015
6 Shalimar Nagar 24 108 Sept-2015
7 Al-Kabir Nagar 75 425 Oct-2015
8 Rahim Nagar 54 172 Oct-2015
9 Ashok Nagar 122 175 July-2016
10 Dehankar Nagar 65 112 July-2016
11 Wasim Lay-out 23 54 Aug-2016
12 Sunil Morey Nagar 15 38 Aug-2016
13 Azad Nagar 35 98 Sept-2016
14 Adarsh Nagar 22 23 Sept-2016
15 Taj Society 26 40 Sept-2016
16 Zafar Nagar 7 17 Oct-2016
17 Jindra Nagar 12 12 Nov-2016
18 Ashiyana Lay-out 12 18 Dec-2016
19 Mamon Colony 25 56 Jane-2017
20 SamdaniLay-out 9 13 Feb-March-2017
21 Sawalakhe Lay-out 18 25 April-2017
22 Malani Nagar 20 45 May-2017
23 Indira Nagar 90 250 June-Aug-2017
24 Navabpura 45 112 Oct-2017
25 Kumbharpura 40 122 Nov-2017
26 Kureshipura 30 95 Dec-2017
27 Telipura 25 56 Jan-2018
28 lslampura 75 156 Feb.Mar-2018
29 Navrang Nagar 35 69 Apr-Jul-2018
30 Golden Park 45 94 Jul-Sep-2018
31 Shadab Baag 51 104 Oct-Nov-2018
32 Vankatesh Society 47 73 Nov-Dec-2018
33 Kohinoor Society 55 114 Dec-18. Jan-2019
34 Rugnalaya Society
Kapse Lay-out
54 99 Jan-Mar-2019
35 Almas Nagar 22 40 Mar-Apr-2019
36 Bilal Nagar 80 198 Jun-Jul-2019
37 Bilal Nagar 92 225 Aug-2019
38 Nagsen Society 19 75 Sep-Nov-2019
39 Gulshan Nagar 82 315 Dec-2019
40 Jafar Nagar 24 76 Dec-2019
41 Robin Society 15 64 Jan-2020
42 Rachana Nagar 23 112 Jan-2020
43 Siddheshwar Nagar 8 33 Feb-2020
44 Aehbab Nagar 22 77 Mar-2020
45 Chamediya Nagar 34 112
1834 4785


All the pertinent details of these students are jotted down during door to door visit of Education Campaign carried our every Sunday. So far four registers are filled with these details. All the data is then transferred on computer.

Follow Up

Follow up of these students continues from next day after the Sunday Campaign. Students also visit SEWA office and library to clarify their queries, seek assistance and help.

Salient Features of Sewa Initiatives for the Better Future of the Students

Close interaction to access the strength and weakness of students.

Help the students for their various needs, including books, fees and other assistance.

To motivate students to concentrate on specific goal.

SEWA conducts various entrance examinations for students induction to Rahmani 30, KPT, Shaheen and Zakat foundation.

SEWA's Library

Everyday, a large number of students are taking benefit of SEWA's library at Nagpur Road. Library is easily accessible and situated in 1 acre peaceful premices. There is seperate sitting arrangement for boys and girls. Similar Library exclusively for girl is in the offing. Library is stocked with relevant books and new books are added continuously.

We conduct seminars at Library for motivation and career guidance. Celebrities like IAS, IPS addresses the students through video call. Also we provide coaching through maths, language and other subject wise classes.

Recent Achievements of SEWA

50 students are selected and provided necessary financial help to prepare for their graduation and simultaneous preparing for UPSC, MPSC and other competitive examination. These students are studying at reputed institute at Pune.

Full expanses of some of the students are born by SEWA for engineering and other courses.

Seminars, Workshop, Guidance by eminent personalities like naval vice admiral, atomic scientist, multinational executives are conducted for awareness and guidance of students.

SEWA Quarterly News Magazine

A long felt need of SEWA news magazine is now fructified with regular publication of SEWA Quarterly newsmagazine. Besides its prime activity of door to door Sunday weekly education campaign, there are other educational activities going on all through the year. This was to be documented and brought on record. Furthermore SEWA activities are being extended and started for first time in newer areas. Parents and students get apprised about SEWA through such magazine. Hence a newsmagazine serves dual purpose of informing newcomers about SEWA core activities and informing general public about progress, achievements of new teams.

Accordingly, first issue of July-September quarter was published on September 2020and second issue of the quarter October-December is published at the end of December 2020. Next issue (January-March quarter) will be published InshaAllah on March 2021.It is published in Urdu and Hindi. The contents include overview of SEWA activities, current and future projects and motivational articles. Second issue was having introduction and Do's and Don'ts by Azharuddin Kazi, IAS (2020), presently at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration College (LBSNAAC) , Mussoorie, Dehradun, Uttarakhand He was closely associated with SEWA..

The news magazine is edited by Mahfooz Ur Rahman Khan who is having an illustrious career as a teacher. Contributions from the concerned people, comments and suggestions for Quarterly news magazine are welcome.

SEWA Students at Azam Campus

Management of Azam Campus has recently boosted the morale of SEWA by waiving off the hostel charges for more than 40 students sponsored by SEWA, residing, graduating and preparing for UPSC / MPSC examinations.

Finance, Expenditureand Account

SEWA spent Rs. 17,99,293/- during the year 2019-20, mostly on students school, college fees and hostel charges. All the expenses are born out of donations from individuals. Initially all the expenses were met by individual SEWA members, but funds started trickling in as SEWA activities were watched by the society, public in general. Donations range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 50,000/-. There are more than 50 local donors who contributes Rs. 500/- to Rs. 2000/- per month.

Cashbooks and relevant records are maintained. Account is scrutinised, audited and certified by the recognized chartered accountant. Transparency in financial transaction is maintained. Receipt and Expenditure is displayed on SEWA office notice boards and also posted on SEWA whats app groups. It was heartening to find that all the requests / demands from individuals were quite genuine and nobody took any disadvantage or misuse of SEWA funds.

Year wise receipt and expenditure of SEWA
2015-16 1.55 lakh
2016-17 3.55 lakh
2017-18 4.75 lakh
2018-19 14.30 lakh
2019-20 17.99 lakh

Extension, Expansion

It is planned to extend SEWA pattern to maximum possible locations. Presently it is sprayed over 15 tehsils of Yavatmal district and one Chandrapur District. All the villages in every Gram Panchayat of these tehsil to be explored. Activities are also extended to adjacent Amravati, Akola, Wardha, Nagpur and Nanded districts.


Seminars, Guest Lectures, Career Guidance

More Seminars, guest lectures, career guidance programmes will be taken up to enlighten the students.



Presently SEWA office and library is situated in rented premises. A SEWA owned land and building will help for expansion activities, including hostel for outstation boys and girls. Bigger library with more books, computers and study rooms can also be added. If sufficient funds are generated. This being khidmate khalq all are requested to contribute these noble cause of sawabe jariya.

Future Plans

Epilogue-journey From Necessary to Possible & Finally to Impossible

SEWA was constituted and started to do what was necessary - which was, creating education awareness among students, then SEWA started doing what was possible - helping students with books and stationary and guidance and now we find that we are doing what was perceived as impossible - selecting bright but very very poor student, sponsoring them to best possible colleges, paying substantial amounts for their fees and boarding and preparing themselves for top position in country.


SEWA activities are increasing day by day. There are already near to 5000 students on SEWA record. Every weekly campaign brings 8-10 new students. Besides these closely interacted students, other students also approach SEWA on their own. SEWA activities are being extended to other villages, cities and other districts. SEWA is incurring expenses ranging from pen, books, stationery to school and college fees, hostel, boarding charges of underprivileged students. Many of these bright, promising students are economically abysmally poor. SEWA also incur expenses on seminars, workshops and guest lectures, besides maintenance of library. With these multifarious expenses, SEWA expenses have reached new high of RS. 1 lakh per month. And with current pace of activities it will rise even further. Hence we earnestly appeal for generous donations from all sections of society. This is a fit cause for zakat and sadaqa as well.

Donations may please be remitted to SEWA account. Name, place of donor may please be intimated for issuing proper receipt.

Slum Area Visits

Our Training Sessions

Award Distribution