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Nukkad Sabha

A novel initiative of Corner Meetings, also known as Nukkad Sabha is started from Dec. 2019. These corner meetings are conducted in different colonies, invariably in the evening. Overall objective of Nukkad sabha is to promote education awareness. It is different from weekly SEWA Sunday campaign as it is daily and target audience is –mostly, exclusively parents.

Nukkad Meeting Format

Date, day, place and time are decided one day prior to Nukkad meeting. The meetings start immediately after magrib prayers and continue for an hour or so. Using small portable, battery operated megaphone and also approaching individual residences, participants are requested to gather for the Nukkad meeting. The meetings are organised at some opening, right in front of their residences. SEWA members then start addressing the gathering.

To start with, the participants are made aware of pathetic social status of Muslim population. Brief data about lack of higher education, low representation in government services, missing leadership and overall prevalence of poverty is brought to their notice. Findings of Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra commission are quoted. Besides miserable standard of living, shocking fallout of this unfortunate state is youth getting dragged in crimes, participants are told. Reasons of these ailments are elaborated. Participants are then introduced to SEWA work.

Participants are urged to avail services of SEWA. Importance of education is highlighted. Tips for good parenting are told. Ill effects of TV, smart phones are explained in very clear words. Helping hand of SEWA is pointed out to assure parents that poverty (and in some cases, their own lack of education) is not the deterrent to get education for their wards. To consolidate the confidence of parents, works done by SEWA during last four years –including number of students under SEWA assistance and guidance, expenditure incurred during last four years is elaborated. Further relevant activities of SEWA like

Establishment of SEWA library

Workshops/Seminars/Video conferences for the aspiring students

Free SEWA coaching classes for students

Number of students sponsored for study at Pune

Lastly SEWA pamphlets/contacts are distributed to the gathering. Questions, queries of audience are invited and resolved at the end of Nukkad sabha.

Major Findings and Advantages of Nukkad Sabha


It is daily programmes, hence larger area and more number of persons is addressed.


It being at the end of the day, hence parents, specially mothers are free to participate.


As mentioned above ; end of the day - freedom of time- holds good for SEWA members as well


It addresses the long felt need of educating the parents.


Another advantage of Nukkad sabha is feedback of SEWA weekly Sunday campaign is assessed during the course of Nukkad sabha


It (Nukkad sabha) being a gathering (as against individuals in Sunday campaign), participants are more emboldened to ask their questions and queries.
Nukkad sabhas are turning out to be quite invigorating in its reach, scope and effectiveness.