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SEWA Chandrapur Activities

SEWA Chandrapur started its activities in Chandrapur district from August 2019.Team SEWA Chandrapur came over to Yavatmal to get acquainted with modalities of overall SEWA system. Chandrapur SEWA members accompanied SEWA Yavatmal Sunday education campaign to get first hand feel of work to be replicated at Chandrapur. They also visited SEWA library and interacted with SEWA Yavatmal.

Sunday education campaign at Chandrapur started on SEWA Yavatmal pattern from August 2019. During its 40 weeks of 8 months (from August 2019 to March 2020- till corona lockdown), Team Chandrapur interacted with 450 students and also their parents at Rahmat Nagar, Chandrapur. A wide range of students from standard 4th to post graduate level were interacted. Hindi/English/Urdu dictionaries were distributed during the campaign. Besides motivating students for higher education, students were also disseminated guidance on:

  • Reading
  • Writing Skills
  • Memory Development
  • Concentration
  • Personality Development
  • Attitude
  • Etiquettes
  • Career Guidance
  • Attempting Competitive Examinations

This door to door campaign is presently on hold due to corona epidemic. Besides adding up number of students with every passing week, number of devoted

Sewa Team Members Has Also Risen From 4 to 50.
Seminar on Importance of Education and Career Guidance

In association with Kidwai High School, a seminar on importance of education, motivational lecturers, time management, personality development, career guidance, entrance examinations for government services was organised by SEWA Yavatmal and Chandrapur teams at Kidwai High School on 17/11/2019. There was tremendous response from students and seminar was attended by large number of students.

Distribution of Ration Kits/dry Fruits During Corona Pandemic

In view of stressed situation during corona lockdown, on the eve of Id- ul -Fitr, dry fruit kits were distributed to 150 students (out of 450 students covered during the education campaign)

Formation of Students WhatsApp Group

SEWA Chandrapur team is making earnest attempts to extend helping hand to deserving students. List of students who have passed out their 12th standard examination during 2020 with more than 60% marks is compiled .A WhatsApp students group of these students is formed to disseminate useful information and guidance on education, employment opportunities etc. Similar group for graduate students is also formed and everyday relevant information is posted.

Performance Based Aid to the Bright Students

SEWA Chandrapur team identified promising students and pextended necessary financial support to these needy students:


One girl student admitted for B. A. Degree course inat Kidwai Junior college


A set of books supplied to a girl for preparing competitive examinatoion


Help extended to another girl student for admission in engineering stream


Support extend to girl student to pursue C.A. course


A girl was given support to study M.B. A


A girl was given assistance for D. Pharm. Study

SEWA Library at Chandrapur

With active cooperation of management of Kidwai High School, a library specially for SEWA students is recently established in the premises Kidwai school, Chandrapur. SEWA Chandrapur has stocked this library with Rs 40,500/- books for competitive examination. Shelf, almirah and furniture is also furnished. All the needy students can avail this facility.

SEWA Chandrapur Team

Sr No. Name Designation Mobile
1 Shafique Ahmed Sir Advisor 9822229812
2 Fahim Sir President 9422136496
3 Imran Sharif Sir V.President 9822961119
4 Shabad Sir Secretary 9595311001
5 Abhijit Jiwane Sir J.Secretary 9422191977
6 Shabbir Sharif Sir Tresurer 9422908844
7 Atique Sir Member 9371227191
8 Mushtak Sir Member 8087113595
9 Sadik Sir Member 9960089301
10 Shafique Bhai Sir Member 9822733640
11 Ashfaque Bhai Sir Member 9890809786
12 Tayyab Bhai Sir Member 8888009011
13 Abdul Bari Sir Member 9850350041
14 Sabbir Sir Member
15 Nooraddin Sir Member
16 Mrs Niyaz Khan Madam Member 7038395337
17 Shahin Sheikh Madam Member 8007895576
18 Samina Madam Member 9881354332
19 Rubina Khan Madam Member 9405795657
20 Rubina Khan Madam Nagma Madam